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  Blue Knight Chess Club

BLUE KNIGHT CHESS CLUB (BKCC) is a not – profit – club organized for educational purposes.


Our teaching and tournament activities are primarily in public and private schools in Davao City. Our goal is to provide a national forum for discussing chess teaching techniques and to enhance development of chess from grass roots level.





The mission of the BKCC is to bring the benefits of a chess education to children.


The BKCC promotes the study of chess as an educational tool in curricular classes and enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high schools.


The BKCC aspires to meet its social responsibility to assist children in economically depressed communities to receive the benefits of chess.


The BKCC organizes tournaments for those students who are attracted to the competitive aspect of chess in order to spur to higher levels of intellectual achievement.




Chess, one of the oldest and most challenging of games, is showing remarkable results as one of the latest pedagogical tools for young students. Through the medium of chess, children learn disciplined thinking skills which are applicable to other intellectual endeavors.


The BKCC endorses the statement of Dr. Robert Ferguson that the discipline of chess provides the necessary 4th “R” in education – reasoning.



Chess education is extremely effective with children because:


q       Chess involves all levels of critical thinking (knowledge, comprehension, analysis ,evaluation);

q       Chess requires forethought and cultivates visualization skills;

q       Chess improves problem solving skills;

q       Chess encourages children to overcome fear of risk-taking

q       Chess teaches concentration and self-discipline

q       Chess enables children to assume responsibility for their decisions;

q       Chess raises self-esteem and promotes good sportsmanship;

q       Chess encourages socialization skills that extend across cultures and generation.

q       Chess is fun !.


Children from all backgrounds can succeed at chess. even children who are not performing well in school are inspired by chess and show a better attitude toward learning. The power of chess to transform young minds is remarkable !








Curricular Programs


The BKCC emphasizes curricular programs as the most effective way to provide children with the benefits of a chess education. The BKCC works closely with schools to ensure that curricular programs fall within their educational philosophies.  


Enrichment Programs


The BKCC also offers extra – curricular enrichment programs. These classes provide children with opportunity to improve their practical skills through supervised play and proper guidance.


Summer Tournaments


The BKCC also offers instruction during the summer months, allowing children to immerse themselves fully in chess for a period of time, and to form relationships with students from other schools.



Tournament activity is supported by the DAVAO CITY SPORTS COUNCIL because it helps to encourage students to test themselves against player of all ages. Tournaments are scheduled on a regular basis to provide students with the opportunities to challenge and improve themselves.

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