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Mark Lowery - Tactics vs. Positional Play - The Illusionary Battle.pdf
Mason James - Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice(1).pdf
Master Class - Typical Mistakes - Neil McDonald.pdf
Matthew Sadler-Tips for young players.pdf
Max Euwe & Haije Kramer - The Middlegame, Vol. 2 (1994).djvu
Max Euwe & John Nunn - The Development of Chess Style.pdf
Max Euwe & Walter Meiden - Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur (single ).pdf
Max Euwe - Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur.pdf
Maxim Blokh - Chess Manual (1997, Russian - with more than 800 training.djvu
MCO14 Modern Chess Openings - Nick De Firmian.PDF
Memorable Chess Games - Moffatt 1913.pdf
Mental Domination.pdf
Michael Basman - Chess - Openings - The St George.pdf
Michael Goeller - The Bishop's Opening.pdf
Michal Krasenkow - The Open Spanish.djvu
Middle Game In Chess.pdf
Mieses  J - Instructive Positions From Master Chess.pdf
Mihai Suba - Dynamic Chess Strategy (single pages).djvu
Mihai Suba - The Hedgehog.djvu
Mikhail Arkhangelsky - Play Correspondence Chess (1985, Russian).djvu
Mikhail Botvinnik - Achieving the Aim.pdf
Mikhail Botvinnik - Anatoly Karpov - His Road to the World Chess Championship.djvu
Mikhail Shereshevsky - The Soviet Chess Conveyor (small size).djvu
Mikhail Tal & Victor Khenkin - Tal's Winning Chess Combinations (editred with cover.pdf
Mikhail Tal - The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal.djvu
Mikhail Yudovich - Garry Kasparov - His Career in Chess (1988).djvu
Mikhail Yudovich - Planning in Chess (1982, Russian).djvu
Mikhail Yudovich - The Gambit.djvu
MOC Modern Chess Openings 1939.pdf
Morphys Games Of Chess - Lowenthal.pdf
Most instructive games of chess ever played by Dendix.djvu
N. G. Yakovlev -  Storming the King's Bastions (1997, Russian).djvu
Neil McDonald & Andrew Harley - Mastering the French.pdf
Neil McDonald - Master Class - Typical Mistakes.pdf
Neil McDonald - Mastering Chess Tacticts.pdf
Neil McDonald - Starting Out - 1.e4! - A Reliable Repertoire for the Improving Player.djvu
Neil McDonald - The Art of Planning in Chess Move by Move.djvu
Neil Mcdonald-concise chess middlegame.pdf
Nenad Petrovic & Josip Prokop - FIDE Album 1974-1976 (chess problems studies.djvu)
Nigel Davies - Play 1.e4 e5! - A Complete Repertoire for Black in the Open Games.pdf
Nigel Davies - The Chess Player's Battle Manual (Dendix).djvu
Nigel Davies - The Power Chess Program, Book 1.pdf
Nigel Davies - The Trompowsky.djvu
Nigel Povah - How to Play the English Opening (2nd edition).djvu
Nikolai Krylenko (ed.) - 2nd International Chess Tournament Moscow Chess Library 1935
NIMZOWITSCH - My System.pdf
O Xadrez Chess Magazine No. 02, 2007-04 (Portuguese).pdf
O Xadrez Chess Magazine No. 03, 2007-05 (Portuguese).pdf
Otto Borik - Kasparov's Chess Openings - A World Champion's Repertoire.pdf
P. H Clarke - Tigran Petrosian - Master of Defence - Petrosian's Best Games 1946-63.djvu
Pachman, Ludek - Modern Chess Stategy.pdf
Pafu - The Center Game.pdf
Pandolfini's Endgame course (scanned by Dendix).djvu
Patrick Wolff - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess (2nd edition).pdf
Paul Keres, Alexander Kotov - The Art of the Middle Game.pdf
Peter W. Frey (ed.) - Chess Skill in Man and Machine.djvu
Philip W. Sergeant - Morphy's Games of Chess (single pages).djvu
Philip W. Sergeant - Morphy's Games of Chess.djvu
Przewoznik Soszynski-How to think in chess.pdf
Queen's Indian Defense, Understanding the Chess Opening (Soltis et al).pdf
Raymond Edwards & Raymond Keene - The Chess Player's Bedside Book.pdf
Reinfeld - Chess by yourself.pdf
Reinfeld F  Chernev I - Chess Strategies and Tactics.pdf
Reinfeld Fred - Chess for Amateurs.pdf
Reinfeld Fred - Chess Mastery.pdf
Reinfeld Fred - Hypermodern Chess.pdf
Reinfeld, Fred & Chernev, Irving - Chess Strategy And Tactics Fifty Masters 1946.pdf
Reuben Fine - Modern Chess Openings.pdf
Reuben Fine - Practical Chess Openings.pdf
Reuben Fine - The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings.pdf
Richard Palliser - Play 1.d4!.djvu
Richard Palliser - Starting Out - Closed Sicilian.pdf
Richard Palliser - The Bb5 Sicilian.pdf
Richard Reti - Modern Ideas In Chess (English Language, English Notation ).pdf
Roman Pelts & Lev Alburt - Comprehensive Chess Course, Vol. 1.pdf
Roman Pelts & Lev Alburt - Comprehensive Chess Course, Vol. 2.pdf
Russian 1.djvu
Russian 2.djvu
Russian 3.djvu
Russian 4.pdf
S.Gligoric - Fischer vs Spassky 1972 (scanned by Dendix).djvu
Sam Collins - An Attacking Repertoire for White.pdf
Sam Palatnik & Lev Alburt - Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player.pdf
Samuel Reshevsky - Great Chess Upsets.pdf
Samuel Reshevsky - The Art of Positional Play.pdf
Scacchi - [Chess] Unorthodox_Openings_Newsletter_11.pdf
Secrets Of Practical Chess Ebook.djvu
Sergey Ionov - Portrait of a Chess Player - Alexander Khalifman.pdf
Siegbert Tarrasch - The Game of Chess.pdf
Steve Mayer - Bishop versus Knight - The Verdict.djvu
Strategy And Tactics For Novice Players.pdf
Sunil Weeramantry & Ed Eusebi - Best Lessons of a Chess Coach.pdf
Survival guide to rook endings (scanned by Dendix).djvu
Tal Botvinnik 1960.pdf
The Art Of Chess.PDF
The chess openings [Isidor Gunsberg, 1901].pdf
The game of chess [Goodman, 1914].pdf
The Magic of Chess Tactics by Claus Dieter Meyer and Karsten Mueller.pdf
The major tactics of chess [Franklin Young, 1898].pdf
The Penguin Book Of Chess Positions - C H O'd Alexander.pdf
The World Chess Crown Challenge Kasparov vs Karpov Seville  january 1987-88.djvu
Tiger Hillarp Persson - Tiger's Modern.pdf
Tim Harding et al. - Why You Lose at Chess.djvu
Timothy Taylor - How to Defeat the Smith-Morra Gambit - 6... a6! (single.djvu)
Troitzky - 360 Brilliant and Instructive Endgames.djvu
Typical Mistakes - Neil McDonald.pdf
Unknown - The Creepy Crawly Opening.pdf
Valeri Beim - How to Calculate Chess Tactics.djvu
Valeri Beim - How to Play Dynamic Chess.pdf
Wilhelm Steinitz - Chess Match between Steinitz & Blackburne (1876).pdf
Wilhelm Steinitz - The modern chess instructor [1889].pdf
William Lewis - Chess for Beginners (1835).pdf
Winning Chess Strategies - Seirawan & Silman.pdf
WINTER - Chess Notes.pdf
Winter, William - Kings of Chess - (1954).djvu
Works Of Damiano Ruy Lopez Salbio.pdf
Yakov Estrin - Gambits.pdf
Yakov Neishtadt - Catastrophe in the Opening.pdf
Yakov Neishtadt - Test Your Tactical Ability.pdf
Yasser Seirawan & Jeremy Silman - Winning Chess Tactics.djvu
Yasser Seirawan - Inside Chess 01-20.pdf
Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Brilliancies (cleaned-up).pdf
Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Openings.pdf
Young & Howell - The Minor Tactics of Chess.pdf
Yudovich - Garri Kasparov,1988,600dpi.djvu
Znosko Borovsky, Eugene A. - How to Play Chess openings.pdf
Znosko-Borovsky Eugene - How to Play the Chess Openings 2nd (1).pdf
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