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  Blue Knight Chess Club
  Code of Ethics
   BKCC Code of Ethics

  1. To maintain good moral conduct conducive to the club's standard.
  2. To promote mutual respect and concern for others.
  3. To refrain form the use of profane language, but to encourage wholesome communication that uplift ,support ,edify and instruct others.
  4. To always demonstrate good sportmanship.
  5. Never to demean and belittle others but only offer constructive criticism.
  6. Always play the game of chess according to the rules,which govern the game.
  7. Support those who are participating or preparing for tournament competition.
  8. Be an active member by presenting your ideas and particpating on committees to accomplish goals and objectives.
  9. Continue to develop your passion for the game through continous practice,play and study.
  10. To realized and remember that every member is of vital importance to the collective whole.
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